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What is provides WiFi hotspot management and billing services for anyone who wants to provide Internet for their customers. It works by showing a special web page before using the Internet normally and that special web page is used to present a login page which the user must "go through" to be able to gain access to the Internet.

The WiFi provider will thus prepare and supply user accounts or vouchers to its WiFi users. In a similar manner, it can also be use used to control wired computers. incorporates all features necessary to operate remote hotspots from a central console.

It is ideal for any hotspot operator who wants to display branded splash page (login page), control access, monetize hotspots and control remote networks through a single management interface. With no upfront cost, operators can easily scale their WiFi business to multiple locations.

Who is it for?


KelalWiFi is a software that blocks clients from accessing the Internet until user verification has been established. Authenticated users must be validated against a database of authorized users before access is granted. It is a must for anyone who provides WiFi Internet connectivity such as hotels, Internet cafes, schools, offices etc.

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The Key Features of our offering

User Management

Manage your WiFi users by setting time limits, data limits and bandwidth limits. Authenticate by MAC address, terminate sessions, block users and so much more.

Cloud Dashboard

Our anywhere accessible cloud dashboard ( offers a multi-language ui that can manage multiple physical locations and provides detailed reports.


You can customize your login page to reflect your brand, add you own photo advertisments etc. The login page is fully responsive and provides multiple login options.


While you can count on our full support, you can also access the FAQ and related resources. Also, feel free to call, email or visit in person to get an in-person demo.


We offer a simple and affordable pricing structure. Our service is paid for annually and you can quit at anytime.
We offer all our customers a two week FREE trial to let them make the best decision for themselves.
To get a quote, please get in touch now.

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    Small Deployment

    For businesses such as Internet cafes where there are only one or two access points.

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    Large Deployment

    For businesses such as hotels where there are tens of access points or a central computer.

What people say

Our Customers
Our Customers has been deployed at many businesses throughout Ethiopia including Taitu Hotel and various other Internet cafes. Our users are spread all over Ethiopia in places such as Nekempt, Hosaena, Ambo, Bale etc.

Business Opportuinity
Business Opportuinity presents unique opportuinities to do business. You can easily engage in the service of providing WiFi Internet, you can also provide ad supported free WiFi Internet and earn revenue from advertisment. is suitable for any scenario and environment. We have created a small business plan for a WiFi providing business that you can download.


We at Amest Santim are always ready and open to work with partners. If you have an idea or a business proposal that you would like to discuss with us, please do not hesitate to contact us.


In case you did not know...

We are Amest Santim, a unique tech company that provices innovative IT solutions to Ethiopian problems.
We have been providing affordable and practical solutions to local problems for more than 10 years now.

We introduced PC-Station to Ethiopia and saved everyone hundreds of thousands of birr.
We also built, which is now used by many Ethiopian businesses to help them file their taxes.
We have various other projects in the pipeline that we will be launching soon.

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